Heroes of the Faith

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Hebrews chapter 11 closes with a sweeping view of the heroes of old who have triumphed by faith in the midst of various circumstances. These heroes believed and experienced victory despite their challenges and weaknesses - they made it into the hall of faith!

In this new series, we will learn how to put our names there and know that we can also experience victories of faith over our own circumstances and triumph over them.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Jesus, The Ultimate Champion
Pastor Greg Squires 04-16-17
The Voice
Pastor Greg Squires 04-23-17
The Most Unlikely Candidate
Pastor Greg Squires 04-30-17
True Grit
Pastor Greg Squires 05-07-17
Fight! The Good Fight of Faith
Pastor Brandi Squires 05-14-17
How to Obtain the Promises
Pastor Greg Squires 05-21-17
The Act of Faith
Pastor Chad Dillon 05-28-17
Turned Upside Down
Pastor Greg Squires 06-04-17