Freedom Life Church

January 01, 2017


Hi Freedom Family!

Are you ready to take the challenge?  We're glad that you're on this exciting journey with us through the Holy Bible!  In partnership with Church of the Highlands, Freedom Life Church will begin our daily Bible reading challenge starting January 1st2017 and continuing through December 31st2017.  Our desire is for you to connect and grow each day as you read through God's Word. The One Year Bible reading challenge is designed to do that - strengthen your relationship with God all while teaching you invaluable Bible reading & studying skills needed for your personal & spiritual development. 


Yur daily reading plan will be accessible here at anytime of the day for your convenience.  From your mobile device, or your computer CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to enjoy today's reading.  You will immediately be taken to the current readings for the day.  


The Bible reading plan is to be read every day.  We encourage that you follow daily at a time that is convenient for you.  Each day we'll have an impactful Devotional reading, as well as an Old TestamentNew TestamentPsalm, and Proverbs portion of scripture to be read together.


We encourage you to share & invite others to unite with us on this sacred progression through the Holy Bible. This journey will summit into the greatest encounter of our lives!  

Congratulations on your decision to Take the Challenge! 


Event Details

Day: Sunday
Time: All Day